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Leslie has been working with me since mid-January of 2006. I contacted her through Craig's List where she had placed an ad. I was seeking some additional help around my house (specifically, laundry and meal prep.) I already have someone who has cleaned the house every week for years and was not interested in replacing her so much as supplementing her duties.

Leslie comes in every day and "resets" my house -she does any dishes and tidies up the kitchen and does all the laundry (we have two small kids so there is a lot) She irons and mends clothing. She runs errands for me (grocery store and dry cleaning); she has prepared meals for my family in my absence as well as babysat for me when I was in a pinch. She has really "filled in the gap" for me when I'm out of time (wrapping presents, helping me find baby shower or birthday presents, etc.)

She is far more than a housekeeper an I can tell you that she has more than earned my trust. She is reliable to a fault (and very communicative if she can't  make it or will be late  which has happened only once in the 2 & 1/2 years) She has a delightful personality and is just one of those people who really takes pleasure in being helpful.

You might have guessed already that I highly recommend her. In fact I have already recommended her to several  friends who she i now working with as well. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

If you have any questions at all you can contact me on my mobile phone at; (phone number upon request)

Good luck!
Erin M. Ellis





Leslie has been working with me as a property manager. Her main duties include supervising the cleaning of our rental and it's inventory, but she's always willing to take on extra jobs. She has a great attitude, professional and completely trustworthy. Leslie really goes that "extra mile" to do a great job for her clients.


Leslie was a lifesaver! She came and de-cluttered my living room. It was unenterable when she showed up and when she left four hours later it was presentable. She hauled stuff out, she figured out where to put things, she was very professional and straightforward. I had just given birth not to long before she came and couldn't do anything physical. She was a godsend! I would definitely use her again.


Leslie has been working with us for a number of months now. After first making her acquaintance we hired her on the spot. Each week she has taken care of cleaning our two-story house, performing laundry, ironing and other household projects. By running loads of laundry while doing other tasks she is able to get all her tasks performed. Where Leslie really shines is with customized little projects. We've had issues with spots on rugs, wax on carpet, pictures that keep falling off the wall to name a few of the tasks she's solved. Also I should mention that every few weeks she prepares and delivers all of our dinner meals from a local company. This is certainly invaluable as well since my wife and I have very demanding work schedules.

From a financial perspective, this has been a very beneficial engagement as we were able to replace an existing weekly house cleaning company but more importantly, our dry cleaning has shrunk dramatically with Leslie being able to do more routine laundry and ironing. Overall, our sanity has been greatly improved since Leslie has started and that makes this a very profitable endeavor.

Eric (contact info upon request)


I love Leslie's concept! I was a little hesitant about having a perfect stranger do my shopping and personal errands but really needed the help. Leslie suggested I start out having my house cleaned a couple of times and try building a relationship with my own "Diva" and see if I felt more comfortable. It worked! Tammy is great and I now have a clean house and 8 years of more free time to spend with my family. I just love having my own personal "Diva"!

Robin (info upon request)


-Kudos for Sonia!
I have to say that Sonia was great! Fast efficient, and a great worker. I was so impressed with the hard work and attention to detail, I already told my wife and friends. Thank you, your service was much better than I had expected
Chris Henning


Pam is a peach! I originally hired her to do the laundry and some grocery shopping but she has since become my"angel". She has done everything from organizing my closets to making boat cushions for my husband. She has helped with so many things and we feel so fortunate that she is part of our lives.



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